Vidilanz products

Catch'Em Cam

Catch’Em Cam

The Catch’Em Cam camera is a sensitive digital surveillance camera that makes colour images even in low light conditions. Designed for indoor use.

The compact design of the Vidilanz products is the flexixblity the security world needs to set security fast and simple.

Vidilanz is a surveillance product with features and functions in a “set and forget” fashion.
Vidilanz products can be applied to locations where surveillance is hard due to the lag of power or communication.


Xtern Cam X-series are strong standalone surveillance outdoor, standard IP65, with optional built-in GPRS modem, integrated night vision and a Solar Smart solarpanel for an exceptionally long lasting battery.

The total integrated product that is Vidilanz works on all locations , day and night (infrared technology)thanks to the Solar Smart techniek. The low power GPRS modem enables images to be send upon detection or the view the status of  the camera and it’s battery.


The Vidilanz vandal proof stainless steel unit.
This unit has been specially designed to withstand all forms of vandalism in public spaces.
It contains the same proven reliable technology of the other Vidilanz camera’s.

Camera module

A stand-alone camera and an integrated DVR for the Vidilanz producten. The base module is the key element of the Vidilanz Xtern Cam’s ans is used a lot in covert operations.


The Gatekeeper is a fixed camerasysteem. It consists of a heavy metal housing with inside a X-series camera. This vandal proof metal case garantees a solid base for prolonged security. The choice of bigger batteries than normal makes fully uninterrupted operation time possible from 2 to 6 months.