Mini-Xtern Cam


Mini-Xtern Cam is a small discrete outdoor digital surveillance camera for monitoring all outdoor activities within a short distance.

The high sensitivity camera captures color images with high resolution when motion is detected. The images are stored on a removable memory card for easy viewing on a computer or tablet. The camera can also be configured to capture images in a time-lapse sequence.

The camera can take up to 135,000 images and will optionally overwrite the oldest images when the memory card is full in a ‘set and forget’ operation.

The Mini-Xtern Cam is housed in a rugged weatherproof housing for optimal protection and can be painted any color to blend in with the surroundings.

The camera can operate for about 5 months in standby mode! Its patented ultra low power video processing technology captures 200 photos a day for more than 15 weeks!

This camera is ideal for monitoring entrances, gates, car parks and all those hidden places that attract graffiti or vandalism.


    • Highly sensitive image sensor for low-light operation
    • Standalone operation of 7.5 Ah battery with 5 months of standby time
    • Small hand size camera for discreet surveillance
    • Rugged weatherproof case
    • Set and forget operation
    • High quality glass lens of the camera
    • Capture the custom image capture and Pre-Trigger image sequence
    • Motion activated or Time-lapse camera modes
    • Time and date stamped images with adjustable text overlay
    • Flexible scheduler for automatic activating and de-activating the capturing of pictures
    • Time and date stamp event log
    • Image encryption for safety concerns
    • High speed image viewer included with installation software
    • Digital signature including camera ID, within each image for legal review
    • Ideal for car park surveillance, entrances and exits, gates, etc.


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