The Gatekeeper is a sturdy metal casing for the Vidilanz X-series camera’s. Easy placing of the camera for safekeeping or a more permanent stationing with the added bonus of adding an extra large battery. The Gatekeeper has been further developed in the Netherlands in association with Prorail en is primarily used to keep an eye on railroad track switches. In the UK the Gatekeeper is used by local and county environmental agencies to guard sluices, gates, locks and dykes. There is a choice of camera and different lens apertures in combination with storage via or the internal SD card or sending the images directly via the mobile network for direct surveillance to your mobile phone, PC or our DASHBOARD system, a subscription service. There is a choice of batteries between 13 Ah and 48 Ah possible. Depending on the number of images taken, replacing the battery can be between 2 to 6 months.




 In the video you see the Gatekeeper in detail and how to fix the camera.