Xtern Cam X-15 en X-14


The Vidilanz Xtern Cam X-15 is a stand-alone black and white outdoor security camera with built-in invisible infrared light. So no infrared light that glows in the dark making the camera visible and impossible to camouflage.The internal battery will last up to 9 weeks and can be charged with a solar panel built into the camera on the top. This camera is the first in a range with the newly developed and patented Solar Smart Technology. The camera is weatherproof according to the IP 65 norm, durable and maintenance-free. You have full control over the quality of the inmages , the timing and the number of images taken with the supplied software. The images are stored as JPEG files on a 8 Gb SD card with a date and time overlay.
An ideal camera to check out your driveway, car, Een ideale camera om het tuinpad, de auto, annex, stables, etc, it’s small size makes sure it will blend easily. The Xtern Cam  X-15 is delivered with a 8 GB SD card, wall mount and remote control. The remote control is hard coded to the camera so duplication of the IR command is impossible. No one can switch it on or off or take unwanted picture without the proper remote control.

A variant of the X-15 is the X-14. The difference is the visible IR light. The other specifications are indentical.

Vidilanz has created a complete security with the DASHBOARD system. A web based subscription that shows you the locations of all camera’s ,the pictures taken and other status notifications like the the battery status. Apply for prices. The camera’s can be combined external infrared spots and external infrared motion detectors through the Wireless Transceiver Module (WTM). Areas up to 80 mmeters away can be covered fully standalone. Optionally solar panels can be connected to charge the camera’s.



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