Catch`Em Cam

The Catch’Em-Cam® works as a Surveillance Camera. In stand-alone mode the internal high capacity (HC) battery provides for up to 9 weeks of uninterrupted picture taking, thanks to the ultra low power processing technology. For example, the camera will shoot 200 photo’s per day, every day of the week, up to 6 weeks!

Optional, the camera can hooked up to an external power source.

The camera will take up to 65.000 pictures. The old pictures can be over written when the SD card is set to the ‘set and forget’ setting.

A remote control enables taking separate photo’s with a push on the button or to switch off the camera. Your ideal partner to protect sensitive areas like storage spaces, offices or cash registers. Uw ideale partner om “gevoelige” ruimtes te bewaken, zoals opslagruimtes, kantoren en kassa’s.

In combination with a security system the Catch’Em-Cam is an ideal tool to secure your home, the office, your shop, etc. 



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