Beheerders kiezen voor mobiele camera’s

June 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Lex Schaapherder in nieuws

hangjongerenManagementteams from building corporations, city councils or police are choosing increasingly for mobile cameras to detect trouble in a early stage and to take actions based upon the images.

The mobile cameras from Vidilanz are the answer to this and can installed easily because of the internal image storage and large battery capacity. The cameras are easily camouflaged for covert operation.

Anti-social behaviour, repeated offences, bullying or vandalism, etc. are securily detected. Proof which can be used for directed and successful actions to suppress unwanted behaviour.


Catch’Em Cam

Our most successful camera for such a job is the Vidilanz Catch’Em Cam for indoor surveillance. The looks of the camera are similar to a PIR sensor so it will blend in with for instance office equipment.



And for outdoor use there is the X-15 camera, a camera that doesn’t even resemble a camera! A few adjustments and the camera is camouflaged to look like electrical equipment. Optionally the camera can be equiped with visible or invisible infrared light to take photos in the dark. The internal image storage and large battery combined with ultra low power electronics provides for  easy installation and weeks of operation.

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