Flood Early Warning System

August 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Lex Schaapherder in nieuws - (Comments Off on Flood Early Warning System)
Flood Early Warning System

Flood Early Warning System

Unique in the world. The Vidilanz Flood Early Warning System (FEWS) is a wireless water level remote monitoring system to keep track of the level and flow of rivers, canals, streams, drains, culverts and floodplains. The camera and sensors are powered by solar panels and are completely independent. The photos and the water level data is transmitted to monitoring websites using a 3G mobile connection

The world’s first contactless and wireless water level measurement system. An incredible measurement accuracy of 3 mm. Extendable with a bubble sensor and flow rate measurement by Doppler radar.

Continuous monitoring around the clock and the white LED spot light provides illumination of the object during the night. The advantage of the white LED technology is a bright image even during downpours. The major advantage of white LED over infrared LED lighting is a reflection-free image without a haze over the image.


  • Solar-powered water level measurement system for monitoring waterways, culverts and flood areas
  • Ultra low power imaging system with a 3G modem
  • Fully integrated pulse radar technology for non-contact water level measurement
  • Optional bubble sensor and Doppler velocity sensor
  • Pictures & water level data is sent directly to stations and websites
  • Full control and configuration of the system via SMS commands
  • White or IR LED spotlight for night vision powered by solar energy
  • Images and the water level data are also displayed on Web Dashboard from Digilant anytime, anywhere