January 8th, 2013 | Posted by Lex Schaapherder in nieuws - (Comments Off on Gatekeeper)


The Gatekeeper is a sturdy metal case for Vidilanz X series cameras. In the casing it is easy to set the camera and provided with a heavy external battery to significantly prolong the duration of action of the system.
The Gatekeeper is further developed in the Netherlands in cooperation with ProRail and is used to observe train switches. In the UK they use the Vidilanz Gatekeeper on Environment and Public Works for the observation and monitoring of dams and dikes. The Gatekeeper is used for field monitoring.
After selecting the camera and the lens you can choose the processing of the images by saving them on a SD card or sending them directly by GPRS to the your mobile phone, PC. Webbased monitoring is possible with the DASHBOARD  service from Vidilanz. View all the cameras and photos and status notifications via this subscription service.
Extra batteries are possible from 13 Ah to 48 Ah which limits the replacing of the battery to to between 2 and 6 months, but this depends on the number of pictures taken.
With DASHBOARD system, the camera can be used well to monitor a fence. Everything that is detected by the external detector is a 6mm lens on the photo, even this is possible in total darkness with the invisible IR LED illumination. And the Gatekeeper runs on its own battery and therefore does not suffer from power cuts.
The Vidilanz Gatekeeper system can be adjusted to desired specifications desired by the customer.