Mini-Xtern Cam 3G camera unit

Mini-Xtern Cam 3G

The Mini-Xtern Cam 3G is a new model based on the Mini-Xtern Cam. What’s new? The sensational Autonimo 3G modem which can send the images to your mobile phone, PC or our subscription web service more

Mini Xtern-Cam

Mini Xtern-Cam

The Mini Xtern-Cam is a smal discrete outdoor digital surveillance camera for guarding all outdoor activities on a short distance.

The high sensitivity camera takes high resolution photos when movement is detected. The pictures are stored on a SD card for viewing on a computer. The camera can be configured to take pictures on a time lapse basis.

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Flood Early Warning System

Flood Early Warning System

Unique in the world. The Vidilanz Flood Early Warning System (FEWS) is a wireless water level remote monitoring system to keep track of the level and flow of rivers, canals, streams, drains, culverts and floodplains. The camera and sensors are powered by solar panels and are completely independent. The photos and the water level data is transmitted to monitoring websites using a 3G mobile connection

The world’s first contactless and wireless water level measurement system. An incredible measurement accuracy of 3 mm. Extendable with a bubble sensor and flow rate measurement by Doppler radar.

Continuous monitoring around the clock and the white LED spot light provides illumination of the object during the night. The advantage of the white LED technology is a bright image even during downpours. The major advantage of white LED over infrared LED lighting is a reflection-free image without a haze over the image.


  • Solar-powered water level measurement system for monitoring waterways, culverts and flood areas
  • Ultra low power imaging system with a 3G modem
  • Fully integrated pulse radar technology for non-contact water level measurement
  • Optional bubble sensor and Doppler velocity sensor
  • Pictures & water level data is sent directly to stations and websites
  • Full control and configuration of the system via SMS commands
  • White or IR LED spotlight for night vision powered by solar energy
  • Images and the water level data are also displayed on Web Dashboard from Digilant anytime, anywhere

hangjongerenManagementteams from building corporations, city councils or police are choosing increasingly for mobile cameras to detect trouble in a early stage and to take actions based upon the images.

The mobile cameras from Vidilanz are the answer to this and can installed easily because of the internal image storage and large battery capacity. The cameras are easily camouflaged for covert operation.

Anti-social behaviour, repeated offences, bullying or vandalism, etc. are securily detected. Proof which can be used for directed and successful actions to suppress unwanted behaviour.


Catch’Em Cam

Our most successful camera for such a job is the Vidilanz Catch’Em Cam for indoor surveillance. The looks of the camera are similar to a PIR sensor so it will blend in with for instance office equipment.



And for outdoor use there is the X-15 camera, a camera that doesn’t even resemble a camera! A few adjustments and the camera is camouflaged to look like electrical equipment. Optionally the camera can be equiped with visible or invisible infrared light to take photos in the dark. The internal image storage and large battery combined with ultra low power electronics provides for  easy installation and weeks of operation.



The Gatekeeper is a sturdy metal case for Vidilanz X series cameras. In the casing it is easy to set the camera and provided with a heavy external battery to significantly prolong the duration of action of the system.
The Gatekeeper is further developed in the Netherlands in cooperation with ProRail and is used to observe train switches. In the UK they use the Vidilanz Gatekeeper on Environment and Public Works for the observation and monitoring of dams and dikes. The Gatekeeper is used for field monitoring.
After selecting the camera and the lens you can choose the processing of the images by saving them on a SD card or sending them directly by GPRS to the your mobile phone, PC. Webbased monitoring is possible with the DASHBOARD  service from Vidilanz. View all the cameras and photos and status notifications via this subscription service.
Extra batteries are possible from 13 Ah to 48 Ah which limits the replacing of the battery to to between 2 and 6 months, but this depends on the number of pictures taken.
With DASHBOARD system, the camera can be used well to monitor a fence. Everything that is detected by the external detector is a 6mm lens on the photo, even this is possible in total darkness with the invisible IR LED illumination. And the Gatekeeper runs on its own battery and therefore does not suffer from power cuts.
The Vidilanz Gatekeeper system can be adjusted to desired specifications desired by the customer.


Prorail, a dutch company responsible for all rail track maintenance in the Netherlands, uses the time lapse function from the Vidilanz Xtern Cam to get a picture about the wear and tear of parts of railtracks. The camera makes a series of photos in a self determined sequence. Unfortunately we don’t have a wiper as an accessory.


Vidilanz introduces the Xtern-Cam X15, a stand-alone black and white outdoor camera, with integrated IR invisible light. No visible IR light so way to tel the camera is working or to notice it. The internal battery lasts for up to 9 weeks and is feed by an solar panel placed at the top for extra charging. This camera is the first in a line of models with the newly developed and patented Solar Smart Technology. The camera is weatherproof according to the IP 65 norm, durable and maintenance free. The supplied software lets you choose the resolution and the numvber of pictures after a activation. These images are stored as JPEG files on a SD card and are automatically imprinted with a date and time code. Its small size makes it an ideal surveillance camera for your yard, the car, buildings, etc and is easily camouflaged to blend in with the surroundings. The Xtern-Cam X15 is delivered with control and viewing software, a 8 Gb SD card, wall mount and remote control.

A another version of the X-15 is the X-14. The difference is the visible IR light otherwise the cameras are identical